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Topical Metformin for CCCA

Research shows Topical Metformin can help regrow hair for women with CCCA. Even when patients  didn't respond to other treatments.

Why Metformin? Metformin is a potent anti-fibrotic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging agent. It does so by decreasing TGF-Beta and increasing AMPK pathways in the skin.

Starting at $59 per month or $129 for 3 month supply


Vanishing Cream

We use an oil-water vanishing cream specifically designed to deliver medications.


Science Backed

Metformin acts as an anti inflammatory and anti fibrotic agent in the skin, which may help CCCA.


Relief for patients

Why our patients love topical metformin  

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"Topical Metformin has reduced the burning and pain sensation tremendously with CCCA. I recommend it to anyone."

Janice S.

Topical Metformin

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“Its easy to apply and absorbs very quickly. I'm 4 months in and starting to see some early results with CCCA.”

Akhila L.

Topical Metformin


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Rx treatments. Science backed. Delivered to you
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Topical Metformin Cream.
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