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Science-backed. Personalized. Rx treatments.
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Science-backed. Personalized. Rx treatments.
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No more, akward doctor visits,  untested influencer supplements, or hours of researching online. But that is not how it all started.

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We offer a range of clinically-backed treatments, designed to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Insulin Sensitizer collection

For insulin resistance.

Topical metformin may increase insulin sensitivity without the usual tummy troubles of oral metformin. This novel approach of administering metformin might be an great way of managing PCOS with less side effects.

Starting at $89/month


5 minutes a day.

Apply metformin cream every evening before bed and after showering. Let it absorb over night.


Compounding results.

Metformin takes sometime to build up in your body. After 3-4 weeks of daily application, results should start. Within months, many patients see improvement in PCOS symptoms.

Hand holding topical Metformin medication for PCOS

Why choose Oana?



No need to visit a doctor's office or pharmacy. Our physicians see you from the comfort of your home then mail your treatments directly to your door.



All of our treatments are doctor trusted, evidence based, and custom made for you in FDA regulated pharmacies.



We leverage telemedicine and compounding pharmacy services to offer you affordable pricing. Access our prescriptions with just a $20 doctor fee.


Why our patients love Oana

Relief comes from clinically backed treatments.

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"I’m so glad I discovered Oana’s metformin lotion! I used to struggle a lot with the side effects for oral metformin and this is a great alternative for me. I get the same benefits but no more upset stomach and nausea, and this helps me stick with it a lot more consistently."
PCOS patient Carrie.

Carrie S.

Topical Metformin

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“It’s been a little over 5 weeks, and I’ve noticed a dramatic reduction in my facial hair growth. This has been such a relief for me. You really have to stick with it and be patient to notice results!”
PCOS patient Allison.

Allison L.

Hairless Hype

Smoother skin with PCOS with Oana Health.

For unwanted hair.

Hairless Hype uses 3 prescription grade ingredients to slow down unwanted hair growth. This includes Eflornithine, Metformin lotion, and Azealic Acid. Only found at Oana.

Starting at $115/month


5 minutes a day.

Apply Hairless Hype cream every evening before bed and after showering. Let it absorb over night.


Results in weeks.

Clinical studies show results can be seen in as little as 8 weeks. And within 1 year, 81% of women show significant improvement.


Your success is our success

We design our treatments based on the latest research to maximize PCOS relief

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"Thanks to Oana, my menstrual cycles are more regular, and my skin has never looked better! I also love the 24/7  accessibility and customer service that always goes the extra mile."
PCOS Natural Products.

Margaret K.


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"Oana's telehealth service is fantastic! It's helped manage my insulin levels and reduce excess hair growth I was experiencing due to PCOS. I'm recommending this to all my friends with PCOS."
PCOS patient with good skin.

Victoria A.

Hairless Hype

TOP Treatments

Tailored treatments

We offer a spectrum of PCOS treatments for every unique journey.

Rx treatments. Science-backed. Delivered to you.
Rx treatments. Science backed. Delivered to you
Natural ingredients. Vitamins. Eco-friendly.
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PCOS patient who has managed weight gain.
Oana Health offers better living for women with PCOS.
Topical Metformin Cream.
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