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FOR Unwanted facial hair

Eflornithine 12% (Generic Vaniqa)

for unwanted facial hair & hirsutism

$69 per month

Eflornithine 12% is an FDA approved ingredients for Hirsutism. It is a prescription cream formulated to slow down the growth of unwanted facial hair.


How it works

Eflornithine 12% blocks the enzyme ornithine decarboxylase that stimulates hair growth.


Results in weeks

Clinical studies show results can be seen in as little as 8 weeks. And within 1 year, 81% of women show significant improvement.

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Real results

We formulate our treatments based on the latest research to maximize results.

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“It’s been a little over 5 weeks, and I’ve noticed a dramatic reduction in my facial hair growth. This has been such a relief for me. You really have to stick with it and be patient to notice results!”

Allison L.


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"Oana's telehealth service is fantastic! I’ve always had excess facial hair due to my PCOS. The Eflornithine cream has significantly slowed down my hair growth, and I love how easy it is to include into my routine. I’ll be continuing with this treatment! "

Victoria A.



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Relief for patients

Why our patients love our

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"I've never experienced such a rapid improvement in my insulin resistance and menstrual irregularity as I did with Oana's metformin lotion. The availability and kindness of the physician team are unmatched."
PCOS patient Carrie.

Carrie S.

Topical Metformin

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“I noticed a dramatic reduction in unwanted facial hair and a return to regular menstrual cycles since starting with Oana. Highly recommended.”
PCOS patient Allison.

Allison L.

Topical Metformin


Trust FDA approved ingre

Topical metformin may improve insulin resistance and inflammation without the usual tummy troubles of oral metformin.

Starting at $89/month


5 minutes a day.

Apply every evening before bed and after showering to your inner wrists


Compounding results.

Metformin takes sometime to build up in your body. After 3-4 weeks of daily application, results should start

Hand holding topical Metformin medication for PCOS
Rx treatments. Science-backed. Delivered to you.
Rx treatments. Science backed. Delivered to you
Natural ingredients. Vitamins. Eco-friendly.
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PCOS patient who has managed weight gain.
Oana Health offers better living for women with PCOS.
Topical Metformin Cream.
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Eflornithine cream, also known as its brand name Vaniqa, is a topical medication primarily used for treating hirsutism, which is the condition of unwanted hair growth on the face and under the chin in women. In this guide, we'll cover how it works, its uses, and more.
Smoother skin with PCOS with Oana Health.

For unwanted hair.

Hairless Hype uses 3 prescription grade ingredients to slow down unwanted hair growth. This includes Eflornithine, Metformin lotion, and Azealic Acid. Only found at Oana.

Starting at $115/month


5 minutes a day.

Apply Hairless Hype cream every evening before bed and after showering. Let it absorb over night.


Results in weeks.

Clinical studies show results can be seen in as little as 8 weeks. And within 1 year, 81% of women show significant improvement.